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If you’re one of those people who loves getting stuck in to DIY tasks whenever you get the chance, we’ve come up with some handy fixes to save you space and money this Easter, as well as giving your house a great personalised feel. Some people see Easter as a time to laze about and relax after a hard winter; but if you’re always looking for the next project, here are some great ideas for you!

Magnetic Knife holder

One great idea to save you cupboard space this Easter is with a Magnetic Knife Holder. Get yourself a large, rectangular magnetic strip, drill holes in it at both ends and anchor it horizontally to wasted wall space using screw fittings. This will allow you to hold your knives magnetically by their blades, so that they are always to hand when you need them. Ensure the magnet that you use is strong enough to hold the blades, as well making certain that the magnet is securely anchored to the wall.

Magnetic -spice -rackMagnetic Spice Rack

Another idea for an Easter project is to create a magnetic spice rack. Simply empty out metal pots, roughen the bottoms with sandpaper and then carefully stick magnets to them with a metal glue. Once the glue has dried, label the pots up, fill them with herbs and you will be able to store them on the outside of your fridge. These will look great, as well as meaning that you don’t need to dig about in the cupboards to get what you need! Magnetic spice racks look best when you use pots with transparent lids, as you will be able to see the spices clearly.


Pallet Bike Rack

If you are looking for a quirky but handy way to keep your bikes in order ready for the summer, an innovative DIY idea is to make a pallet bike rack! All you need is two wooden pallets, some sandpaper and a few tools! Firstly, lie one pallet along the floor backing onto a wall and another against it at a right angle, flat against the wall. Line up the pallets so that the back wheel of your bikes can sit snugly in the gap between slats in both pallets. You may have to widen the gap between slats so that the wheels fit snugly in, and ensure that you sand down the pallet well, as you don’t want any splinters in your tyres! Next, add an extra slat to sit in front of the wheel on the ground pallet to further secure it in place. Finally, attach the two pallets together with hinges or reinforcing slats and you’ll have a stable, low-cost DIY bike rack!

Invisible Book Shelf

Invisible Bookshelf

If your bookshelf is taking up valuable space in your house, a clever way to make room is with a DIY invisible shelf. Just get a simple metal wall brace and attach one side vertically to a wall with a strong fixing, so that the other end is poking out at a right angle from the wall. Next, attach the underside of the wall brace to the inside cover of a hardback book. To save yourself ruining the book, you could Velcro the back cover to the brace. When you close the book over the brace, you’ll appear to have a floating book hovering by your wall. Simply pile a few more books on and you’ll have made an invisible bookshelf!

Tension Rod Dividers

A simple but effective way to divide up flat accessories in your kitchen is by using tension rods. These are a humble tool that can be easily installed vertically inside of cupboards to act as dividers between flat items that will take up less space when stood up - such as chopping boards and oven trays. Another good idea is to put tension rods horizontally across cupboards; you can easily hang bottles off these DIY rails and save floor space in your cupboards. Tension Rods are easily removable, so are perfect if you will need to use the cupboard for anything else in the future.

With the aid of these handy project ideas, you can guarantee that Easter will be a productive and enjoyable time, where you can get stuck into some really useful DIY tasks. Having a go at these simple homemade fixes will mean that you can usher in the summer with some great looking and space saving DIY solutions taking pride of place around your home!

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