5 Loft Tips For Using Your Loft Or Attic Better

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Has your loft or attic been neglected, or perhaps is not being used for storage effectively? Check out our top loft tips for inspiration on getting more out of this forgotten space.

1. Find the line

Do you need that? It’s a question you may well find your partner asking when you’re taking something to the loft. If you’re never going to look at it again, let alone use it, it’s not worth the space in your home.

Avoid becoming a hoarder by finding the point at which something deserves that spot in your loft. If you struggle with this then get a loved one’s opinion – If your “keep” and “throw” lists are vastly different you may need to compromise a little!

2. Box it, stack it

If you’re using your loft for storage and you’ve got lots of mismatched items that don’t stack together so well, it’s time to box up.

Invest in a set of stackable boxes, get labelling and redistribute your stored items. You’ll find them in half the time next time.

At this point it’s also worth noting that having stacks of boxes for old items is hardly ever necessary – though keeping hold of one is justifiable if you plan on selling the item in the near future.


If you’ve reassessed your loft usage and find that there’s no longer much in there, you could have just opened up a useful new room in your home.

A loft conversion can be many things – a children’s play room, an office space, a gaming room. If you can keep the clutter to a minimum, it’s a much more fun option than storage!

Loft conversions add value to a home and help you get the most out of the space you live in. If you need to clear out that old clutter before you start, a HIPPOBAG is perfect for the job.

4. Insulation

Insulation is a great way to make your loft efficient as well as useful. You can save a good amount of money with good insulation, so make sure you plan for it if you’re thinking about a conversion.

Loft insulation

Residual loft space and the stud walls are the easiest, least expensive and most efficient parts to have insulated, so leave out the sloping roof if you’re on a tighter budget

5. Board your loft

If you’ve not tapped the potential uses of your loft at all yet, the first step is to board it -whatever you choose to do next, boarding sets the foundations of your loft usage.

B&Q’s guide to the whole process is the best place to start. It’s a job well worth doing because your loft is full of potential – don’t let it go to waste holding a lot of useless old junk! 

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