Choosing a waste logistics company is a vital decision.
Not only do you need a service that’s professional, affordable and environmentally responsible,
you require a solution that takes care of everything from collection to disposal, so you’re free to focus on your project.
At HIPPO, we provide bespoke and reliable waste solutions that help you reduce costs,
save time, and meet your environmental responsibilities.


✓  A Nationwide network for rapid collection

✓  Competitive pricing and market leading service

✓  Over 90% of the waste we collect is recycled

✓  Valuable time and space saved on site

✓  An instant waste solution



HIPPO works successfully with a range of sectors and understands the different waste challenges in each.
Explore below to see how your business can benefit from the HIPPOBAG solution.



The construction industry is the single largest producer of waste in the UK, generating some 120 million tonnes of waste annually. We understand that a variety of waste can be produced in construction tasks, and ensure that all types of waste, including plasterboard, are dealt with responsibly and efficiently in our waste logistics projects.

With HIPPO, you only have to deal with one supplier for all of your waste disposal needs, meaning that we can develop a bespoke solution for your specific challenges – giving you maximum efficiency and flexibility even in the largest of construction waste logistics tasks.




Using the HIPPOBAG to deal with heavy or bulk inert waste streams and ad hoc waste events will provide you with a number of benefits in managing waste disposal across your national or regional store estate. By working together with any existing waste contracts you have, we can assist you in reshaping your waste services.

Our service is not a regular scheduled waste collection covered by a bin contract, so you can use us for unexpected waste events whenever you need us. With thousands of HIPPOBAGs collected from store estates weekly, HIPPO provides a flexible, convenient and ethical service for your business.




We have collected over 1.2 million HIPPOBAGs from residential properties, so we understand the challenges of waste disposal in the process of improving social housing and transforming neighbourhoods.




During the refurbishment or fit out stage of retail and office premises, using a HIPPOBAG allows you to segregate waste streams on site, helping you to achieve increased recycling rates. This in return helps you to achieve your diversion from landfill objectives.

With HIPPO you’ll also benefit from the flexibility of an instant and non-bulky waste solution that is transportable and bespoke to your project. HIPPO works around your business, with our flat packed bags able to be used at any time, as well as being collected at a time of your convenience. This way you no longer have to wait for skip deliveries or collections that clutter sites, hampering the progress of your workforce.




HIPPO also offers a quick and cost effective way of getting rid of plasterboard from your site or property. Through our dedicated plasterboard disposal and recycling scheme, we recycle 100% of uncontaminated plasterboard that we collect. HIPPO’s environmental values mean that by using our services, you can ensure that you are disposing of your waste in a responsible and eco-friendly manner.




HIPPO offers an ideal service for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, loft or boiler installations. We understand the importance of minimising inconvenience to customers and their surrounding properties during a domestic remodelling. HIPPO causes the least possible disruption to your customers by ensuring that waste is kept neatly and takes up as little room as possible on site.

HIPPOBAGs come flat packed, so don’t take up room before they are used.