Facilities Management


Using the HIPPOBAG for the segregation of heavy or substantial inert waste streams, or for any unscheduled or ad hoc waste removal needs will benefit your business in a number of ways.

HIPPO offers a professional, reliable and fully national service, meaning that we can manage your waste logistics needs across your entire regional or national store estate. HIPPO can work alongside any existing contracts that your business has in place, delivering an efficient waste logistics operation, should you require more than your current contracts are able to deliver.


HIPPO offers a flexible and convenient service that can work around your needs; there are no restricting time limits when using our services and you can arrange a pick up at a suitable time for you.


Our reputation for facilities management services has meant that thousands of HIPPOBAGs are collected from store estates weekly. We ensure that waste we collect is disposed of in an ethical manner, with over 90 per cent of the waste that we collect being recycled.


HIPPOBAGs come in three different sizes and are non-bulky and affordable. Buying the right sized bag for your waste logistics needs will mean that your business will save money, as well as valuable space on site. When used throughout a business on a national or regional store level, significant savings can be made by suiting the size of HIPPOBAGs to your specific needs.