From helping you plan the volume and types of waste you’ll encounter,
to knowing where your waste is going and what level of recycling you can achieve,
HIPPO works with you from start to finish to help to deliver your project efficiently.
What’s more, our national transport infrastructure means wherever you are,
you will receive a reliable collection service that you can trust.





The flexibility of HIPPOBAGs allows for easy waste collection from tight, restricted sites. In addition, our national service means we can offer you a solution wherever you are in the country.

Construction sites nationwide use HIPPO because of the convenience and reliability of our lightweight and flexible HIPPOBAGs, as well as our excellent customer service. Collections can be made from different areas on large sites, including from scaffolding or loading bays, helping you to improve site efficiency.


We recycle around 90 per cent of the waste that we collect, so you can rest assured that your operation will be carried out ethically and responsibly.


Different bag sizes make it easy to segregate waste streams and achieve diversion from landfill objectives, whilst a variety of size options mean that you only ever pay for what you need, as well as saving space on site. HIPPO offer bespoke solutions developed for each site, giving you flexibility in collection volumes, as well as in the time or date of collection.



What was the problem?

Each site has its own restrictions and with Cardy’s Lewisham site the issue was access, with it being a high street location. This made it impractical to use skips and the solution suited to the job was HIPPOBAGs. The Lewisham site is a 4 storey building and the bags were perfectly suited as the contractors were able to move them from floor to floor in the lift, offering flexibility and improved productivity – something that could not be achieved with skips.

What has HIPPO done?

There is no time lost on waiting for skips to be delivered and collected and less space needed to accommodate bags compared to skips. HIPPOBAGs are flexible within the site and can be moved floor to floor. HIPPO are able to collect bags in bulk, increasing flexibility and making it cost efficient.

The results

Cardy spend less time focusing on waste when using HIPPOBAG solutions. Cardy are saving thousands of pounds per year by using HIPPOBAGs instead of skips, through increases in productivity and efficiency.

What They Said About HIPPO

“Using HIPPO has made waste disposal incredibly easy. I no longer have to worry about skips being delivered as I always have a supply of HIPPOBAGs. Collection is always quick and hassle free.”

~ Alex Highley, Site Manager, Cardy Construction

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