We can help you choose the right waste solution

There are three important factors in deciding which service is right for you

  • Is there space for a lorry?

    We need to know if a lorry can get access to your property down a public road. HIPPOBAG lorries need a minimum of 4 metres across the width of the road while a skip lorry requires 2.75 metres.

  • How much do you need collected?

    We can recommend the right size of HIPPOBAG or skip, and HIPPO's rubbish clearance service can collect any size - so check if it's available in your area.

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  • Where will the waste be located?

    If you have enough space it's cheaper and easier to have HIPPOBAGs collected from on your property, as long as they are within 4 metres from the road. If the waste is not accessible and needs to be moved then our rubbish clearance team will do the heavy lifting for you. Decide where you can put your waste and we will recommend a solution depending on what's available in your area.

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