Create a Utility Room

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Not all of us are lucky enough to have a designated room for our washing machine, tumble dryer and cleaning products. But- that doesn’t mean you have to go without.

Here is an ingenious idea for creating a compact but perfectly functional utility room under your stairs. After the chore of laundry is done and dusted you can simply close the door and forget about it.

This is an especially good idea if you are buying a new machine as newer; more eco-friendly washing machines tend to be compact. If your stairs back on to a kitchen wall it may be possile to connect a washer there for a small investment, saving you space in your kitchen and reducing the noise.

With the correct planning (and a bit of luck as to the size of your cupboard) you could potentially fit: a washing machine, an ironing board, a folding clothes rack, a broom and a shelf to store your washing products.

However, it is worth considering what function your under-stair cupboard currently has, does it hold shoes and the hoover? Or is it full of junk that might be better located in the attic, shed or taken to a car boot sale?

How to:

  • Use the central space for the washing machine itself.
  • Do not push against the side of the wall as these created spaces are ideal for tall objects such as an ironing board or broom.
  • Use shelving wood to create a ‘table’ or large shelf above for further storage. Depending on the height of your stairs it is possible to create two tiers of shelves, or use the extra space under one shelf for pegs.

Work out what is best for your home and for your lifestyle, it is a question of organisation and waste management to keep junk to a minimum and live a clutter-free lifestyle.