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HIPPO TV Advert Launched

Our new HIPPO TV advert, showing off our flagship HIPPOBAG service, airs for the first time tonight, and it’s fair to say we’re pretty pleased with it!

We set out to show in the commercial just how easy it is to use HIPPOBAGS, as well as the many tasks they’re ideal for. Whether you’re clearing rubbish from a small scale DIY project, a full home renovation, or anything in between, our nifty MIDIBAG, 1.5 yard MEGABAG or huge HIPPOSKIP will be perfect for the job. Starting at just £89.99 (including collection and disposal), they’re a cost-effective way to get rid of excess waste. There’s no need to spend your weekends trudging back and forth to the tip anymore!

We also showed in our new HIPPO TV advert the simple process which makes HIPPO unique. Just grab one of our huge, sturdy HIPPOBAGs either in store or online, fill it with rubbish, and we’ll collect it for you when you’re ready.

As you’ll see in the ad, HIPPOBAGs can carry everything from wood and furniture, to entire bathtubs, fittings and cupboards. What’s more, we’ll recycle whatever we can of your rubbish, so you can rest assured you’re making an environmentally responsible decision when choosing HIPPO.

We’re hoping that you see our new advert pop up on your TVs over the next few weeks, but for a sneak peek right now, you can view it below.

HIPPO TV advert 2016 from HIPPO on Vimeo.