How to build a fire pit

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Nothing says summer more than BBQs and late evenings by an open fire. A key feature such as a fire pit can transform your garden, but shop bought ones can be very expensive. Luckily you can easily build one yourself for a fraction of the cost – here’s our guide:

  1. Select a Location
    Try and find an area away from any trees, bushes or buildings to minimise the risk of the fire spreading or of smoke damage.

    1 Select Location
  2. Dig!
    Dig a circular hole, for the fire pit. A 4 foot diameter, 12 inches deep should give you enough space for a controllable, impressive fire.

    2 dig
  3. Build!
    Using fire safe bricks, construct a 12 inch high wall around the pit. Leave 2 inches in between bricks to allow for air circulation. Place a layer of quick setting concrete to cover the base of the pit, leaving a gradual dip in the middle of the pit for placing newspaper and kindling to start the fire.

    3 build
  4. Safety
    If you have young children or animals, you can buy a mesh fire cover to place over the pit to keep sparks under control.

    4 safety
  5. Starting a Fire
    Place some light kindling, such as old newspaper into the sunken part of the fire pit (you could also use firelighters!). Build a pyramid around the paper with heavier kindling like twigs and small sticks – then light it up! Once it’s going, feed the fire by placing bigger pieces of wood around the shelf in a tepee shape.

    5 starting a fire


Top Tips for Fire Safety:

-          Make sure you check local regulations for whether an open fire is allowed where you live.

-          Let your neighbours know to avoid smoke damage to their property.

-          Burning rubbish or garden waste will produce excessive smoke and may be hard to control.

-          Keep some water/sand nearby in case you need to put out the fire quickly.

-          When putting out the fire, shuffle the coal around the pit and cover with water until all smoke stops.

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