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The rise of remote working in the UK has enabled many companies to offer home working as part of a flexible employment approach.

Remote working, together with technological advancements, has helped employers to cast their nets wider to attract talent. With the rise of remote working comes an increase in staff utilising office spaces within their own homes and transforming these rooms into studies.

It is now more important than ever to fully utilise your home office and ensure available space is being maximised. Whether you work from home regularly or are looking for a space separate from distractions, use our office clearance tips to help you save valuable space at home and enjoy a healthy working environment.


Removing unnecessary items that are cluttering your office is a perfect place to start if you are looking to create space.

From accumulated collections of historic files that can be recycled, to office equipment like shredders and scanners which may no longer be necessary, it may be time to throw away, recycle or donate items in order to make some room.

Successfully de-clutter your office by following these steps:

  • recycle files, reports and items that are no longer needed (remember you may have to safely destroy confidential documents)
  • donate items such as books and unused office stationery
  • give away or sell unwanted office equipment
  • throw away items you no longer use which are taking up space

De-cluttering your office space will not only feel satisfying but makes for a more pleasant environment to carry out important day-to-day tasks.

We have plenty of advice on how you can adopt this approach throughout your entire home with our tips on how to declutter your home

Increased productivity 

When it comes to working from home, speed and efficiency are top of the agenda. A clear office space has countless benefits including the impact it can have on your mind and productivity levels.

Being surrounded for long periods of time by large amounts of furniture, storage and office technology can feel overbearing. This can lead to feelings of claustrophobia and isn’t a healthy environment to work in. Ensuring you have a clearer working space is far more likely to increase your productivity levels. A healthier home working space will also mean tasks are approached with more focus.

Storage solutions

It can at times be tricky to not feel overcome with furniture and items, particularly in a home office. Utilising available office space through effective storage is a good approach when looking to save space at home.

Clever storage ideas will help you make use of the space available, whilst keeping some room freed up to maintain a balanced environment to work in. The following ideas for simple but effective office storage solutions will help:

  • Organisation meets style – wall mounted files are a superb way to save space, organise your paperwork and create a stylish workspace. Available in a host of colours and designs, wall mounted files can also tie in with the overall look of the space and complement the style of your office
  • Filing cabinet – even in a paperless era, there are still crucial 'hard documents' you need to keep hold of, and a filing cabinet is a home office essential which will help. They will store numerous documents in one safe place, reduce clutter and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your space
  • Office shelving – investing the time and effort to hang office shelving is worth the financial investment. An ideal spot to store pieces of smaller office stationery, light-weight files and smaller items, office shelving keeps clutter to a minimum and is an ideal space saver for your home office
  • From storage chest to home filing system – if you are short on space, a large storage trunk or chest is an effective piece to store your files and also doubles up as a seat. Storage chests are available in a variety of sizes to fit the desired space and style to complement your office décor

Clear out your office today

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