Fixing Plasterboard - A Step by Step Guide

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Plasterboard is easily damaged. It’s important to know how to make repairs as part of your DIY skill set.

For cracks, holes or punctures in plasterboard, you will need:

  • Filler
  • Plastering trowel
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Wet cloth
  • Dust pan and brush

Small holes and cracks only require one application of plasterboard filler to fix. First, remove all loose plaster by scraping and chiselling around the edges of the damage with the plastering trowel. You might want to then use a brush to remove the last bits of debris and dust.

Next, wet the edges of the hole with your wet cloth, in order for the filler to bind well to the sides. Apply the filler with the plastering trowel, ensuring that the filler is well anchored to the sides. If the application is slightly uneven, don’t worry you can tackle that later. The filler will take a few hours to fully dry and harden, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once dry, use the fine sandpaper to prime the filler against the plasterboard wall. The sandpaper should be used flush against the wall for a smooth finish. Use the brush once again to remove dust and now the wall is ready for a re-paint.

If you have waste plasterboard to dispose of, but are confused about EA regulations or who to contact, you can find out more about plasterboard recycling in a Hippobag here.