Streamline Your Waste Management: How the HIPPO App Transforms Site Clean-up

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When the final job is getting rid of the waste – we make it easy and done quickly with the HIPPO app

In fact, we’ve been making it easy for thousands of clients for more than two decades  – but now, it's even easier with the HIPPO app.

If you’re managing a team of tradespeople, installers or engineers, who require waste collection at multiple locations and at different times, our app could save you both time and money, making the entire process that little bit simpler.

Putting Inefficient Waste Disposal for Businesses in the Past

Historically, our call centres have handled bookings for our collection services by phone. Tradespeople on site have therefore had to take time away from a job to make a call and go through the details of their collection with our team.  This works – but we wanted to make it even quicker and easier.

With some of our clients requiring multiple collections, from various locations, day after day, we decided to develop a technological solution to streamline the process of ordering and managing collections, whilst also making it easy to view the live status of every booking.  It led to one of the milestone moments in our business and to a key reason why so many new customers are coming to us, and why so many choose to stay.

We researched, we experimented, and the HIPPO app was born.

Future Waste Collections Save Time and Money

The whole process starts with a set up process, during which we build a bespoke portal for your needs.  You give us your schedule of works for the next 6-7 weeks and we pre-load it into the portal, saving the need for the repeated inputting of customer numbers.

The app is then built, co-branded with your logo and ours, and we provide you with a simple guide for your team.

It’s free, quick and simple to access on both Apple and Android devices. It only needs to be done once, and we provide training materials, including step-by-step videos which clearly explain how to use it to book a collection service.

Once in place, when an installer or tradesperson is finishing a job and needs their waste collected, they simply open the app in their phone, and select the type of collection they need – whether it’s a HIPPOBAG collection or the Man and Van service.

Next, they take a picture of the waste and upload it, choose a date on which the waste will be ready, add in the location and that’s it!  No waiting in a queue to speak to an advisor, no lengthy questions, and crucially, no need to hang around on site to wait for it to go.

Once the job has been submitted, installers, and their managers can view the jobs underway, receiving updates on when the job has been scheduled and of course, when it’s been collected. That means you can move on to the next job with the confidence it’s all being handled, knowing you can check in on the job at the touch of a screen.

Most Issues Can Be Resolved Before We Arrive

What makes it even more of a game changer for our clients, is the extra layer of service we’ve provided to help minimise errors in booking. This significantly reduces the likelihood of ‘misuse charges’ or charges for incorrect bookings.

Our team of advisors check every booking that comes in through the app and can quickly identify any errors in the booking to help avoid any unnecessary charges. For example, if it’s obvious from the photo upload that there is too much waste in the bag and the waste is not laying flat across the top, we’ll get in touch with the installer and advise that an extra bag is required.  Similarly, if we can see that the waste is too far from the road, we can get back in touch to ask them to move it and avoid any problems on site.

The impact of this has been huge. Not only are we stopping wasted journey or misuse charges, but we can also feed this information back to both installers and managers, which can inform training to improve every process.

To put this into perspective, up to 40% of our bookings received can have a linked issue with how they have been booked. 9 times out of 10 we then resolve this directly with the installer, resulting in a massive saving for the client. We want our clients to know the best ways to use our service, to always know whether they need a MIDIBAG, a MEGABAG or a man and van, and to feel confident in what their team is booking. The app helps us achieve this, providing valuable training and feedback advice.

Save Admin Time but Keep Control

We’ve also added another optional layer, giving managers the ability to enforce an approval process ahead of bookings.  It can be set up to suit the business need, for example, managers can approve any bookings made on the app that exceed one bag collection.  This means that managers have confidence in the number of bookings coming through to us. If required, we can add additional layers for regional managers and head office functions.

What do we know about the difference it makes?  It’s major!

The app is yet another reason why clients are staying with us.  They stick with us because of things like this. We’re making what is a ‘must do’ job, that simply has to be dealt with, that little bit easier.

We’re making it easier to manage remote, disparate teams, and we’re saving clients like yourself money.

Supporting Positive Business KPIs Is the HIPPO Way

One of the latest clients to use the HIPPO app is an installer of air source heat pumps – an emerging sector with incredible growth ahead of it. One of the main reasons they moved their business to us from another waste collection provider is because of the app.

Until now, their administrative team was having to process the many waste collection bookings they required, which was costing the business both time and money. The app will be transformative for the business and will support their continued growth.

These stories are what we’re proud of. We’re trusted, we over deliver, and the system works – we make waste collection so much more efficient, which saves you time and ultimately money. 

The HIPPO app puts the control back in the hands of the managers working to coordinate their waste collection services. It’s free, it’s easy and it’s dependable – exactly what you need at the end of a job well done.

Download the app by searching ‘HIPPO Corporate app’ on the app stores, or clicking the icons below...

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