Tip Charges and Changes: How Are You Affected?

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UPDATE: 19/09/2016

Tonight the problems caused by tip changes will be discussed on BBC Inside Out South. Find out more below.


Queuing carsThe tip is changing. Across the country, funding cuts are resulting in reduced opening hours, introduction of new charges and bans on commercial vehicles. Things are getting so bad that record levels of fly-tipping are being predicted, with increases in incidents already being seen.

With the August bank holiday looming, recycling centres and tips across the country are bracing themselves for crunch time - but with resources stretched so thinly, will queuing to get rid of your rubbish take longer than ever? There's nothing worse than falling at the final hurdle of your DIY job, getting stuck in a big queue of traffic when you'd rather be at home with your feet up. 

There are already concerns that rule changes, document requirements and new charges could see people turned away at the gates of their local recycling facilities. In some areas, tips could end up closing as a cost-saving exercise, leaving locals with half as many sites to make use of. 

In Essex, 12 sites are introducing a ban on DIY and construction waste, making it harder than ever to make home improvement dreams come true.

Check your local tip to find out how the changes have affected you. You could be:

  1. Facing extra tip charges for disposing of certain types of waste
  2. Required to take extra paperwork
  3. Unable to visit at certain times or on certain days due to reduced opening hours

If you've only got a small amount of waste to get rid of, check whether you can recycle it locally using Recycle Now's great recycling location finder. If you need to get rid of a big amount of rubbish and your tip is looking increasingly hard work, there's a better way.


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