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Under the Grants up for Grabs scheme HIPPO awarded a free HIPPOSKIP and collection to the Caxton House Community Centre.

Caxton House is a vibrant community centre in North Islington, with a variety of groups and projects all working towards a more cohesive and inclusive community.  They are committed to the goals of community development, the fulfilment of individuals, the growth of self-confidence and the acceptance of responsibility in the community.




"Just to give you a little background, we are a large community centre in North London with many diverse groups and activities taking place across the whole week. We usually see approximately 30,000 people come through our doors per year. We had a room attached to our main hall that had limited access and had become ‘storage’ for old equipment, broken furniture, etc. We wanted to clear that room and bring it back into use by opening up a new doorway into our garden area. We booked a HIPPOSKIP with you to help us get rid of all the old equipment and furniture.


On the day, I enlisted the help of some volunteers to clear the room and another storage area, bringing everything out of the rooms and into the main hall. We then set about sorting everything into three piles: keep, recycle, bin. The ‘keep’ stuff went into the storage area, the ‘recycle’ stuff went off to other groups and charities and the ‘bin’ stuff went into your HIPPOSKIP for collection. The end result is we now have a lovely clear room, from which we have started running an after school ‘Double Club’ that combines literacy and football.


When I first researched the HIPPOBAG, I thought this was a really great idea, but actually using the bag and service was even better than I expected. In addition, receiving your HIPPOSKIP with no cost to us was wonderful. It allowed us to bring a dead space back into use without the worry of the cost of removals. The process itself was simple and straightforward, with the bag arriving quickly, allowing us to then plan the best time to do the work. Collection was just as simple as we have a small car park from which your lorry was able to collect the HIPPOSKIP. They did this with no fuss and without taking up any of our time. Altogether this is a great product, with easy customer use and a high standard of customer service."


Sue Collins, Caxton House Community Centre

To find out more about Caxton House Community Centre visit their website.  Or if you'd like to see how to apply for a Grants up for Grabs bag for your charity, have a look here

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