The Growing cost of waste collection

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Householders across the country have come under increasing pressure to meet the growing cost of collecting their waste. This stems from an array of one-off and annual charges levied by many Councils across the country.

HIPPO knows only too well the rising cost of waste disposal as we collect thousands of tonnes of waste every month from businesses and customers around the UK. We collect this waste with a commitment to ensuring as much as possible of everything we pick up is recycled and over 95% avoids landfill, bringing a positive outcome to rubbish collection.

We knew that the growth in charges was not going to change so two years ago we established our ‘Tip cost checker’. This helped our customers to see just what they would be charged at their local tip. Simply tap in your postcode and you will see for yourself.

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A recent article by the BBC has highlighted additional ‘kerbside’ charges for green waste made by many councils. The picture is varied, with 140 local councils providing a free service but three in four charge between £22 and £96.

Views on this vary, with some seeing this as an additional tax for a service that should be covered by the Council Tax, others accept that the fee helps them avoid costly and time-consuming trips to the tip. The Local Government Association points out that someone has to pay for garden waste collection and resists attempts to have free collection for all. They argue that those who create green waste should accept the need to pay for its disposal. That means local councils are being given the ability to decide the appropriate strategy for their particular region.

Your green waste is usually turned into compost by local authorities. It is important that we try and avoid landfill, where green waste breaks down without the aid of oxygen, producing methane which acts as a powerful greenhouse gas.

Here at HIPPO we have long campaigned for responsible waste disposal. Our concern is that charges could lead to the growth of rogue traders who avoid charges for disposal by fly-tipping the waste they pick up. Fly-tipping is on the rise and with additional charges for green waste this increases the chances green waste will also be dumped on road sides, in fields and forests across the country.

HIPPO is one of a number of responsible businesses who conform to the legislation and also actively pursue partnerships with waste recycling centres that share our commitment to recycling. If you have waste of any description that you are looking to dispose of then make sure you deal with a reputable company like HIPPO.

We have a range of services, for all requirements, from our famous HIPPOBAG to traditional skips through to the ease of our Man & Van service.