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  • How to declutter your home with 5 simple celebrity tips

    Join HIPPO in our quest to relieve Brits of their clutter chaos! Share the genius of hassle-free, eco-friendly, waste-removing HIPPOBAGs, along with Top Declutter Tips from TV personality and professional organiser Dilly Carter.

  • Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare to Get Rid of Clutter

    Discover 7 practical spring cleaning tips for decluttering success, including creating a plan, gathering supplies, decluttering before cleaning, using eco-friendly rubbish removal, deep cleaning, and maintaining a clutter-free space.

  • Bonfire Night Safety Tips & Guide on What To Burn

    Get ready to make your Bonfire celebrations not only spectacular but also safe and sustainable with our comprehensive guide. From fuel choices and fire safety to wildlife protection and eco-friendly alternatives, we’ve got all the tips you need for a night to remember – for all the right reasons!